Beyonce Equation: Theory on Beauty



The representation of Black women has been limited to the theoretical perception of beauty. The definition of beauty is ” a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight.” In America, this definition is correlated with women of European descent. Even as I sit here and goggle the term beauty, most of the images are White women, one of Beyonce, and sprinkles of Black women. It is my belief that America is starting to open it’s eyes to women, especially Black women. Now whether some Americans are willing to admit that I can not comment on. However, there is still some age old stereotypes. Sadly to say, these stereotypes will always exists because people constantly feed into them. There’s a theory that says lighter skin is better than darker skin. There’s another theory that White means beauty, dark means ugly. For those who are reading this, dark doesn’t have to just mean Black people, dark means people who are considered to have darker skin which are usually minorities. But the thing that interest me the most is that Black people are praise as well as dehumanized in the media. Black women are praised more because they’re believed to be overly sexual which the media does not forget to remind us. However, Black women are often considered ugly.

In every corner, around every turn, with every breath, the lighter complexion Black woman has the world wrapped around her fingers. The media has splattered images of Beyoncé everywhere making it seem as if she’s the only image of Black beauty that has ever existed.We all know that Beyoncé is a brilliant musician and beautiful woman, but she is not the only face that should represent Black woman. Sure, there are more representation of Black women such as Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. But have you notice they all have something in common: lighter complexions. Another thing that they have in common is the sex appeal that they personify. These women sex perplex the mind of American and ignites the flame with numerous of males. But, could it be that they are just beautifully sexy or could it be that America sees no other beauty?

So many years the media and American society has applauded the lighter complexion Black woman. It is rare to hear someone truly demean that complexion unless they are trying to make the woman out to be a slut. It has become culturally acceptable to be a lighter complexion than it is to being a darker complexion. The reason for this is because of a simple equation: the lighter you are X the closer your skin tone resembles White = BEAUTY. So what happens to the women whose complexions are nowhere near White?

Darkie cried her eyes out for the hundredth time. She couldn’t fathom living another day of this life. Being afraid to look in the mirror from fear of seeing what the world saw: ugly, ugly, ugly. She wanted to desperately scrub the hate off her skin and turn into beauty. However, the darkness never erased, it only turned into red and then crimson. Her equation never equaled beauty. She will never be able to solve the Beyoncé equation. Her only solution was to make up her own formula. The darker you are + your ancestors strength = Beauty?

What is beauty? What does it look like? Does anyone know?


One thought on “Beyonce Equation: Theory on Beauty

  1. Give me a break. I’m am sick of this girl Beyonce because she’s a fake; a gimmick. She isn’t naturally beautiful, these images of her are false. She has self-hatred, and she bleaches her skin, wears a ton of weaves, she had a nose job, and other cosmetic procedures. So she isn’t what should be defined as beauty. As far as her being a great artist, not so. She has stolen all her dance moves, and live performances from other artist. Not to mention, all the songs she claim to have written, she stole those as well. Nicky and Rihanna are fakes too. They too are lighter due to skin bleaching.


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