Cinderella Complex


Remember the Disney movies that your parents took you to see and brought on VHS when you begged them to bring them home? Now, Disney releases these movies out of the vault every, so they say, few years. We hold these movies close to us, especially us girls, because it reminds us of our childhood and the happy moments we had while watching them. However, what else have these movies harvest in our subconscious?

Disney released their twelfth animation film Cinderella in the 1950’s. Of course pretty much of female in American society has seen Cinderella. But in case you haven’t, when Cinderella is young, her father dies and she becomes a servant for her evil stepmother and step sisters’. One day Cinderella god-mother hears her cry and magically turns her into a beautiful princess. She goes to the ball, finds her prince, and, after a series of mistaken identity, they get married and live happily ever after. Cute enough right?



When you are a girl and watch movies such as Cinderella, you being to think you’re a Cinderella princess. But what does that mean? Sure Cinderella was hard-working and very helpful to her friends (who are mice). However, instead of Cinderella being an independent woman and standing on her own two feet, she only eluded her bad situation when prince charming swept her off her feet. If it wasn’t for Prince Charming, she would have still been wishing and daydreaming for her stepmother to set her free. But because little girls idolize her so much, what subliminal message does this give little girls? It shows little girls that if you’re skinny and helpless, than a man is going to want you. However, in the real world, men do not value women who appear helpless and do nothing about it. Men want a woman who strives to better herself and can help herself out of any situation. Then and only then, will a real man be willing to help his princess.



Needless to say, it is not all Disney’s fault that some women feel that prince charming is the only way they can be saved. Education begins in the home. If a girl sees her mother waiting hand and feet on her dad and has no drive for herself, most likely the girl is going to begin to search for similar situation. However, it may not always be that way, she may turn into one of those independent women and look for something greater than what her mother had. It is important for girls to see the duality that women live: independently and dependent. Independently means that she doesn’t have to wait on anyone to help her, dependent means that her family and others can depend on her. Women are using the backbone of their families.

Cinderella isn’t the only princess movie that captivates young girls. Movies like Snow White and Rapunzel have also engraved the ideology that being a princess is what life is all about. Many girls, ranging from preteen to early twenties, believe that as long as they are cute then all they have to do is bat an eyelash and prince charming will come and save them. So many young women miss out on life because they are searching for something that they have seen in a cartoon movie and don’t even realize it. True to say, women should already know that they shouldn’t have to solely depend on someone else to succeed in life. They should have the strength within themselves to know that they are more than just imaginary princess who talk to cute little creatures. But girls should not want to simply stop at being princesses, they should want to be queens and dominate their hearts and minds. Only those who are worthy are allowed to enter a queens life because she waits for no man to rescue her.


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