She wasn’t built to be a Southern Belle


In today’s era, some Black men feel that White women are better. They would love to prance around with them by their sides. However in the past, Black men were lynched for even the slightest look towards a White woman. So what makes a White woman so much more appealing than a Black woman?

In the South, a change in structure for young White women changed. They went from girls to Southern Belles. A Southern Belle is an unwed, young, White female in the upper class of Southern society. She was always aware of the new fashion and never worked. Her role in society was to simply look beautiful, flirt, and be sold to the highest/wealthiest Southern man her father could sell her to. These women constantly carried parasol umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. In those years, tanning was considered a sign of working class and unfashionable. These women would not be caught dead without their gloves, hoop skirts, and corsets. It was their job to marry young and become dedicated to family as well as her community.


Black women worked all day in the hot sun. On the plantation, the were required to pick 150 pounds of cotton everyday. Imagine a 9-year-old girl having to pick cotton in the blistering sun. At the end of the day, they had to make dinner, tuck their children in and have sex with their husbands or pray that ole massa didn’t pay a night visit to her shackled cabin. As beautiful as she may have been, it must have been hard for her to see herself as anything other than the doormat for a Belle. Southern Belles possessed Black women. Whatever the Belle wanted, her Black female slave was supposed to do it. They were never allowed to leave their sides. They even had to sleep either at the foot of their beds or on the cold floor. Although this job was dehumanizing and demeaning, many Black women learned from this Belles whether their Belles knew it our not.

Many Black women learned how to read either directly from their Belles or indirectly.  As the Belle was being educated in reading, writing, and math, the Black female was watching carefully so that no one knew that she was capable of learning. She did this for years and for years, she taught Black men what she knew. She gave him her knowledge so that he wouldn’t have to depend on others to help him. As superior the Southern Belle felt over her slave, she couldn’t compare to vision of her. But still, Black men felt like there was something special about the Belle and secretly sought out her attention.

84% of Black men were lynched because of White women. The White woman was something special, so unique that their husbands, brothers, cousins, uncles, and fathers killed any Black man who looked her way. White men feared that their women would be tainted if Black men were allowed anywhere near them. However, Black men have been around women for ever. They have catered to them and protected them like their own. The appeal to have a White woman has leaped through the ages.


Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in 1963 for “violating Alabama’s law against mass public.” Now what could Dr. King have done to the mass public that would land him in jail? Dr. King was arrested for having sex or being seen with a White woman. As beautiful and strong Coretta Scott King is, Martin still “cheated” on her. Respectively, Dr. King may have been meeting with a White woman who wanted to help with his civil rights movement. Regardless of the situation, he was still sent to jail because of a White woman. Chuck Berry and Ray Charles have also been sent to jail for having sex with White woman. Ray Charles would sit in the “only White” hotel parking lot with 2 or 3 White women in his car. Police finally caught on to what he was doing and arrested him.

In the 21st century, people are now fear to have sex with whoever they want. However, you still have those Black men who prefer White women. Someone’s preference should never be a problem but, when your preference only exist because of stereotypes makes the feeling inauthentic. If you only want a women for the color of her skin and the false stories that surround her than you don’t know yourself or have confidence within you. Regardless of what color a woman’s skin is, love is still love. If the love is real and true than his race doesn’t matter. The only thing that should be important is the heart that beats within her chest. Women will always be women and will carry the world on their backs with no hesitation.



One thought on “She wasn’t built to be a Southern Belle

  1. Hmmmmmmm.How ’bout us poster boy handsome black lads who desire buxom blondes because we make a GREAT-LOOKING COUPLE??????(As I would with ANY hot chick,even at age 62!!!!!!)


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