Death is Swept Aside (Alfred Wright)

I usually do not get on my WordPress to vent about my life or anything else. However, today I feel like I can no longer hold my pain in. I am sick and tired, sick and tired of all the hate and injustice that is going on in this world, in America. Why do men die in the hands of hate and jealousy? It’s so many that my mind won’t let me forget them. We all know the story of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. But do you know about Alfred Wright or Jordan Davis?


In case you don’t know, Jordan Davis was murdered by Michael Dunn. Dunn shot him because the music coming out of the car Davis was in was too loud. Now, Dunn is trying to pledge that he was “standing his ground” against Davis. How can a 45-year old man stand his ground against a 17-year old child sitting in a car? There were multiple shots within the car meaning that Davis hadn’t exited the car before being killed. So what did Dunn need to defend himself against? The music? After killing Davis, Dunn got back in the car with his girlfriend and got pizza. Later he claimed he was scared. I wonder if he’s scared now? I wonder how scared Davis was when Dunn decided to pull that trigger. “Stand your ground” that’s a joke.


November 7, 2013, Alfred Wright went missing in Jasper, TX. He was later found 25 yards from where he was supposed to be waiting for his parents to pick him up. The sheriffs say that he had an accidental ‘drug overdose’ and was attacked by an animal. However, autopsy shows that his tongue was cut out, throat slit in a straight line with a missing ear and teeth. Now how in the hell could and animal do that?

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The final thing that is bothering me is the George Zimmerman and DMX fight. Supposedly, Zimmerman and DMX are supposed to be having a “celebrity” boxing match. Zimmerman wants to fight DMX so promoters went to work to get the deal in play. Why would a murdered be considered a celebrity? And why would Zimmerman even think he would have the power to suggest anything? He killed a 17-year old boy in cold blood and now he thinks people are supposed to care what he wants. It’s a good thing that society has a say in certain matters because this fight has been voided be the citizens of America. A fight like this will never happen. Although some may love to see DMX fight Zimmerman but Zimmerman needs no more attention. He needs to leave in silence.

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I’m exhausted and I’m tired of death being rewarded, especially when it’s the death of a Black man.


5 thoughts on “Death is Swept Aside (Alfred Wright)

  1. Ma’am, I just want you to know that you are not alone in your anger or your pain. Sometimes, I get so angry that I can’t do anything but cry. It’s infuriating, the fact that the murder and straight disrespect to our people is still acceptable and even celebrated in this country. I’m a 20-year old black woman, and when I look around my generation, sometimes I feel as if I’m screaming to the injustices by myself. Thank you so much for your blog.


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