Michael Kors & Tommy Hilfiger victims of Racism?



Michael Kors


An age-old rumor has resurfaced in the fashion world about some famous designers being racist. Remember the old rumor about fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger was a racist? Supposedly, he didn’t like Black and Asian people wearing his clothing. However, let’s remember, Hilfiger made millions from glamorizing his fashion on some of the top Hip-Hop & R&B performs of the 90s. Rumor has it that Hilfiger was on the Oprah Winfrey show and said some racist remarks about Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. According to an unknown source, “If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice,” and “I wish those people would not buy my clothes – they were made for upper-class whites.” After Hilfiger went on television and said racist remarks on Oprah, Oprah asked him to leave.




Am I the only one who knows this is false. Before Hilfiger actually appeared on Oprah for the first time, this rumor circulated for 10 years & cost Hilfiger some major revenue as well as respect. Now I don’t believe Hilfiger is a racist or said those things. However, I do believe that someone had a reason to try to ruin his name and label him racist. However, the person and that reason may forever be unknown to the world and Hilfiger. Or maybe, Hilfiger already knows.

Now lets take the lens off of Hilfiger and the late 90s and catch up to the present. On Jan. 6, 2015, NahaDaily published an article stating the CEO Michaels Kors supposedly said via Twitter that “he is tired of pretending to like Black people.” Rumor has it he also said ” he can’t imagine MK purses being stuffed with synthetic hair, weave or whatever else my fans are into.” To make some things clear, NahaDaily is one of the millions satire sites that falsely creates stories about people. Also, lets not forget, this is the same website which reported that the CEO of Timberland “didn’t like seeing Black people in his boots.”

Michael Kors and Halle Berry

The subject that interest me the most about these two rumors is racism. Why have satire websites and people chosen to expose these two fashion designers as racists? Researching these rumors and getting down to the truth shows how powerful racism is in America. People look at Hilfiger and Kors fashion and think or feel that it is high-class fashion and should only be seen on White people. However, thinking this way only shows that people still see Blacks as not being able to dress classy. But lets not forget, people are paying attention to what Black entertainment is wearing. Many of today’s fashion is a combination from all types of culture, ideas, and inspiration.

Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger have become victims of racism because people are trying to bash their names and brands because they create fashion for all skin tones.



14 thoughts on “Michael Kors & Tommy Hilfiger victims of Racism?

  1. Hi-
    Both the Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger rumors were TOTALLY NOT TRUE. Most people know that the racist rumors were completely FALSE. The vid you posted is from when Tommy Hilfiger went on the Oprah show for real in 2007 and proved that he never said those things. He is NOT racist, that was just a vicious old rumor made up to hurt him. Same with Michael Kors..just lies. There are a lot of sites to read more about it, like these..Oprah site and the ADL..



  2. I saw the video now known as rumor but I believed it and have never bought an item of his since then. That’s sad people are cruel.


    1. Same thing here…even yesterday I passed over a lovely top in Marshalls. Gonna head back to the store tomorrow to see if it’s still there!


  3. Sad and unfortunate, I personally still have a hard time believing this to be untrue at the time it was exposed as of late mainly based off our culture to cover up, God forbid our profits are lost, people whom have power and influence often times have advisors and PR people to spin their reckless actions and as much as I would love to believe in his new found sense of remorse, why wait so long to get out in front of the public mind you damn near a decade + to lay this so called vicious rumor to rest. He is obviously a brilliant creative man whom made his passion for clothing realized for society as a whole, why not absolve yourself at the height of the most crucial point to save his brand’s reputation. He allowed the sore to fester and grow full of toxic bacterium at this point, why should people be open and receptive to his claims at this point because the media wants to co-sign and garner a new-found sympathy? The fallout is unfortunate and I personally abhor that Not only America but on Global scale not only does racism exist but it is also fostered by influential social entities such as politicians and brand merchandisers that to be hopeful for concerted change to actually take effect is a sure way to get disappointed.



    1. Well, if it is true does anyone have the clip of when he said this thing? I’d why he’d wait if it was financially hurting him, who knows, but if there’s no evidence AND Oprah herself said it was false why even give credit to it?


  4. Hello anyone here, in reference to the tommy Hilfiger empire, that man has probably felt some kind of backlash and doesn’t want any one wearing his clothes in any fashion unintentionally he succumb to the pressures that makes diamonds


    1. You see I am Haïtian if he said hey Blondyne You from carrefour near port au prince do not buy my stuff then I’ll be like okay more money will be save in my BA and then I will thank him


  5. That Tommy Hilfiger rumor is a variation of an earlier story that the late Liz Claiborne appeared on Oprah Winfrey and said the same thing — that she didn’t design her clothes for black people. Oprah then left the set and changed her clothes and came back out to her audience. This was before the internet era. I remember people in beauty shop saying they would never wear Claiborne and some even claiming they saw it. But like the Hilfiger incident it never happened. It’s just that because this happened to Hilfiger in the (early) internet era, it spread faster and even took on more variations ie Hilfiger said the remarks on the old Style with Elsa Klensch show on CNN.


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