Head of Black Outreach: Is Trump really trying?

This morning as I was driving to work, Mina SayWhat, radio personality from Power 99, stated that Donald Trump was going to take a new route in order to try and win the Black vote in the upcoming Presidential election. He has appointed someone as the “Head of Black Outreach.” Personally, I have never heard of a presidential candidate appointing someone as such. I do believe that it has happened in the past but never publicly stated. This makes me wonder if Trump wants people to continue their dislike for him. He clearly does not know how to communicate with the diverse masses. There are so many things wrong with this title that I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start here: Omarosa Manigault. For those of you who do not know who she let me give a brief description. Omarosa is probably best known for her participation in Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice.” Many considered her the “villain” of the show and loved watching her maneuver her way into “stardom.”  Since The Apprentice, she has appeared on over 20 reality shows and is a regular commentator on CNN. Also, let’s not forget how intelligent she is. Omarosa teaches at Howard University in the Executive Education Department and Executive MBA program. In addition, she has worked in Vice President Al-Gore’s office during the Clinton Administration. However, she was reportedly transferred due to disruptive behavior.

220px-omarosa_manigault-stallworth Omarosa Manigault

Now Omarosa’s title is “Head of Black Outreach”or “Director of African American Outreach” for Donald Trump presidential campaign. Either way, you label it, it’s kind of demeaning towards African American’s. If we step back and look at Trump’s campaign as objectively as we can, you’ll notice that trump doesn’t really consider minorities Americans. He has this tendency of separating American’s by their race (just like many Americans do) instead of connecting them by their beliefs. Now I’m not going to say Trump doesn’t try to communicate to American’s based on morals or beliefs but, many of the morals and/ or beliefs that he speaks on leaves minorities out of the conversation. If anything, it makes some minorities question his exact motivates in this election.

Press Event for Omarosa Manigault's firing from Celebrity Apprentice


Trump has proven time and time again that he does not know how to communicate with people. I don’t know about you but I want a President whose voice can carry a room, not his ignorance. I feel that if Trump becomes President, other countries will look at us like we’re a joke. Who wants a leader who cannot articulate his thoughts in a way that it does not become offensive to others. Electing Omarosa as “Head of Black Outreach” is an ignorant move. To be truthful, I like Omarosa. However, this position reminds me of a White person saying, “Hey, my best friend is Black, therefore, I can’t be racist or stereotypical to Black people.” Just because someone has a handful of Black friends doesn’t mean they know everything about Black people or their culture. I truly feel like American society needs to stop grouping people together by their appearance, style, religion, etc.  Omarosa said she didn’t know what polls were being pulled because she knows plenty of Black people who would vote for Trump. Well if that’s the case, what’s the point of creating a position like “Head of Black Outreach?” Trump, if you are a good man with power, intellect, and integrity then you wouldn’t need to elect a Black person to bring you the Black votes. Whoever told Trump that this was a smart decision mislead him just like Melania Trump writers mislead her into giving a plagiarized speech.


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