Say Her Name: Police Violence Against Black Women


Why is that Black women lost lives do not rally as much cry as Black men? Anytime a Black man is killed by police, the entire world is aware of it. But if a Black woman is killed, it’s like tossing a pebble in an ocean. Black women are rarely presented in the discourse surrounding the present state of police brutality against Black people. We barely hear anything about them. This is to bare witness to these women. I may not know all of their names, but they have not been forgotten.


Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Aiyana Stanley-Jones died May 16, 2010, at the age of 7. Aiyana was killed by officer Joseph Weekley during a raid by the Detroit police department. According to Weekley, when he entered the home, Jones’s grandmother reached for his gun which caused the gun to fire. The shot that fired from Weekley’s gun killed 7-year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Weekley was charged in 2011 with recklessly discharging a firearm and manslaughter. Of course, Weekley wasn’t found guilty of any crime.


On May 14, 2010, a Je’Rean Blake was killed by someone who police identified as Chauncey Owens. Police believed that Ownes was hiding at 4054 Lillibridge St. When the police raided the home, Jones’s grandmother was trying to reach for her granddaughter and not Office Weekley’s gun. Weekley told his sergeant that the grandmother reached for his gun and she was arrested. The grandmother was held overnight and released the night morning. It was later revealed that the grandmother’s fingerprints were never found on Weekley’s gun.

The shot that fired from Weekley’s gun killed 7-year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Weekley was charged in 2011 with recklessly discharging a firearm and manslaughter. Of course, Weekley wasn’t found guilty of any crime.

Say this young lady’s name and let it be known. 



Malissa Williams

137 shots. 137 shots. One hundred and thirty-seven shots. In East Clevland, Ohio on Nov. 29, 2012, Malissa Williams was killed by Ohio police officers. Williams was riding in a car with her friend Timothy Russell when a car chase between Russell and Ohio’s police officers took place. The chase lasted for 22-mintues. 13 police officers fired at Russell’s car 137 times and killed both Russell and Williams. Police officers believed they saw a firearm and opened fire on Russell’s 1979 Chervelot Malibu. Police officers fatally shot two unarmed people. 6 of the police officers were fired and yet, two unarmed, innocent people were killed (article:


Say her name and may she rest in peace.


Michelle Cusseaux

Michelle Cusseaux was a 50-year-old woman who was mentally ill. Days after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, Cusseaux was shot at close range by Officer Sgt. Percy Dupra. Dupra was called on the scene to take Cusseaux to a mental health facility. Instead, Dupra said that Cusseaux threatened him with a hammer which caused him to fire his gun. Michelle Cusseaux died Aug. 13th.


Say her name and may she finally get the peace is deserved.



Miriam Carey

The name Miriam Carey may be familiar to many. Carey is the woman who was killed by DC police officers because she entered a White House checkpoint and did a U-turn. Secret service officers told her to stop but Carey proceeded to drive away. If you watch the video, it looks as if Miriam Carey was reacting in fear. She probably didn’t know what was going on and attempted to shield her daughter who was in the back seat. Miriam Carey died at the age of 34 on Oct. 3, 2013.


Mya Hall

Mya Hall had a similar incident as Miriam Carey. Hall made a wrong turn and which lead to the Baltimore headquarters of the NSA. Officers opened fire on her vehicle killing Mya and injuring her friend Brittany. Mya Hall died at the age of 27 on March 30, 2015.



Say Her Name and may her beautiful soul live within us all.




Shelly Frey

Shelly Frey was killed at the age of 27 in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Off-duty sheriff’s deputy Louis Campbell shot Frey will she was trying to run away after stealing from Wal-Mart. Frey and two over her friends stole some items and when comforted by Campbell ran to the car and tried to flee the scene. Campbell fired a fatal shot into the car which hit Frey in the neck. Two children were in the back seat. Many are curious why Campbell couldn’t shot the tire or window? Campbell shot an unarmed woman. Frey was a Hurricane Katrina survivor and lost her life in a situation that should have been approached differently.




Rekia Boyd

Rekia Boyd was killed March 21, 2012, in Chicago, IL. Boyd and her friends were approached by Officer Servin. Servin never stated that he was a police officer and as the group turned to walk away, Servin fired several shots for his 9 mm striking Boyd in the back of the head. Servin actually called 911 because he was off-duty and reported a loud party.  While he waited for the on-duty police officers to show up, he confronted the group and killed Boyd. Of course, he was charged with involuntary manslaughter but all charges were dropped April 2015. Rekia Boyd was only 22 years old. May she rest in peace.


Natasha McKenna

I can not describe to you how hurtful her story is. Researching her death and watching what they did to her has tainted my heart. I am sorry that she was murdered. McKenna died at the age of 37.  Please watch the video below for her story.


I wish that I could write about all of the Black women who have been murdered in this post. Honestly, writing this post has taken a lot out of me. It has saddened me what has been done to Black women and what has continuously been done to Black women. Black women are the one group of people who have been ignored by their Men and by American society. Black women have two opposing factors against them: being Black and being Woman. For them, it hurts to be both because of the way people treat you. They are treated as unhuman because of their Blackness and then they’re treated as inferior because they are woman. Black women fight for Black men, Feminist belief, and everything else. However, there is never a singular fight for them until now. The SAY HER NAME movement is for those Black women who have lost their lives to police ignorance. Black women are a part of this Earth too and they are tired of being treated as evidence for the Black man’s revolution. They deserve true love, they are beautiful, magical, and musical. Say a Black woman’s name and praise her for being her.

If you would like to know more about the movement, please click on the link>




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