Michelle Obama’s right to bare arms

“It’s about time that we get a first lady who acts like a first lady and looks like a first lady” ~ Bobby Lussier


“Controversial” Image? 

Many are aware of the controversy that surrounded Michelle Obama when she wore a dress that showed her bare arms. For my readers who are not, the First Lady wore a black dress in 2009 which showed her bare arms. Yes, the story is that simple. After the image of Michelle Obama came out, many disapproved and thought that the First Lady of the United States should dress appropriately. Many Americans believe that the First Lady should be covered from head to toe. Americans have watched the Obama family closely and have found an issue with almost everything they’ve done. The controversy of Michelle Obama showing her shoulders is just one of the few “issues” some Americans have with the First Family.


Michelle Obama is a fashionista. Women look to her for inspiration and fashion tips. She’s always classy and has gained respect from many women as well as men. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a lot to criticize Michelle Obama about that her right to bare arms became such an issue for some people. However, it could also be the fact that some people are applying stereotypes to her. Or, “One reader summed it up better than most of them. She talked about how the season is winter, the occasion was business and a sleeveless dress was the wrong style at the wrong time,” said Chicago Tribune style reporter Wendy Donahue” (article: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=6986019&page=1).


Regardless of if it’s winter, fall, or summer. Michelle Obama’s bare arms does not mean she can not be the First Lady of America. So, let’s bring the idea of Michelle Obama being the First Lady to 2016. Recently, a comment about Michelle Obama has sparked more controversy in America. The director of Clay County  Development Corporation, Pamela Ramesy posted, “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House… I’m tired of seeing a (sic) Ape in heels” (article: http://www.couriermail.com.au/rendezview/were-not-a-racist-town-yeah-right/news-story/d330196773c1176b582bff9712592ed6). Then the mayor, Beverly Whaling responded, “just made my day.” Both of the women have resign from their post but that hasn’t dismissed the fact that two county officals have insulated the First Lady of America by calling her an “Ape in heels.” The comment that Ramsey said is the same hateful rhetoric that has been used towards Black women for years.

US President Barack Obama and his wife M

Now let’s get the woman who will be the new First Lady: Melania Trump. Melania Trump will be the new First Lady of America and has naked pictures on the internet. When someone goggles her name, you’ll see some of the photos of her when she was on Sports Illustrated and GQ. Melania Trump is a former model who is from Slovenia. She began modeling at the age of 16 and soon became one of the top models in the industry. Now, Melania Trump is married to soon to be President Donald Trump and American’s don’t really seem effected by the images that are floating around her images. It’s interesting that American’s were upset that Michelle Obama showed her shoulders but Melania Trump has shown every part of her body. The comparison of these two First Lady’s images and how Americans percieve them reveals something about American’s ideology. Is this another form of racism? White privelege? Let me know your thoughts.


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