Nike launches the Veil and Challeneges “Othering” (Poco)

405With this week’s reading, the question of the veil is brought up again. I just want to begin my blog post with the image of this model. Nike will launch a Hijab collection for women athletes. Do you think that by Nike launching this collection, they are trying to praise the veil? Or do you believe that they are trying to tell society that there’s nothing wrong with wearing a hijab? Or do you think this is just a smart business move? Personally, I am praising Nike for doing this. I know that they are behind in noticing the beauty and importance of the Hijab but at least they are finally understanding it and empowering the women who wear it.

While reading the interview between Tippet and Ahmed, I feel like Tippet brought up a lot of interesting questions. For example, she beings by asking “Is Western Concern about women and Islam really a concern for the well-being of Muslim women? Is the veil a symptom of their problems or ours?” I think it’s important to note that Tippet is questioned whether or not this is a Western issue or not? I think this is a Western issue. The veil is looked down about and give negative connotation by most Western cultures. Like I said in my last blog post, many Westerns have not educated themselves on what the Hijab truly means. Also, I think by referring to it as a veil gives it a negative meaning. When you think about a veil, you think about something being hidden. Or in literature reference, the veil can have a double meaning (double conscious). If we put it into the context of what the Western world thinks it knows, the hijab is supposed to be a way of suppressing women (hiding) and giving them this double consciousness.


Leila Ahmed work is marked as “beginning of feminism is Arab culture” (316). Her work has “inaugurated a new discourse in which the veil came to comprehend significations far broader than merely the position of women. Its connotations now encompassed issues of class and culture” (316). While interviewing with Tippet Ahmed says that 90% of the Muslims world doesn’t dress how Western believe them to. This statement helped me realize how much I do not know about the “Muslims world.” It also made me ask myself if this “Muslims” world is even real. If the majority of such that Westerns think they know is incorrect, then how can we define something we know nothing concretely about? We are always quick to marginalize people and make them the “other.” However, if we forgot what we know and understand the discourse which is shaping the views of the world now, we are mostly likely the “other” because we are uneducated about the world. I know Trump thinks he knows what being Muslim is and what it’s all about. He wants to apply sanctions and prevent them from coming into America but it should be Americans that should not be allowed to go over there because we are messing up their customs and applying negative connotations about their way of life.


According to Mohanty, “the relationship between women… real, material subjects of their collective histories—is one of the central questions the practice of feminist scholarship seeks to address” (334). To me, feminist has been given a different picture. The veil has integrated itself into a group that has been dominated by women who are never considered “other” unless they are standing next to a White man. Women who wear hijabs are re-representing themselves and forcing discourse about their womanhood. I just find it interesting how so many people are paying attention now when it’s always been there. Now people want to “help.” Feminist what to finally include the veil in their group. But, they’ve always needed the line of communication open in order for them to be properly seen. In order for their stories to be told correctly. But I guess it’s so important now because Trump is in office making that “post-racial” world which people thought we lived in disappearing. I think this Nike launch adds another line of communication for the veil.


3 thoughts on “Nike launches the Veil and Challeneges “Othering” (Poco)

  1. I think you are right. Adding the hijab to one of the items that they now sell can definitely create awareness. Whether the reason they are doing it is to make money or attempt to educate. The negative conceptions about the hijab, and the veil in general, is a Western problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe by their selling of the hijab this will make that possible.

    That idea about a reverse travel ban until people can educate themselves would be a great idea if you ask me though haha.

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