How does someone act Black?

Last night as I was joyously YouTube surfing, I came across this young woman named Danielle Bregoli. Now I know I’m late writing about this topic but I’m sorry, I just have to bring this back up.

Danielle Bregoli

For my readers who don’t know, Danielle was on an episode of Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil was supposed to be helping a 13- year old “troubled” female but instead made her famous for being disrespectful. Danielle is a gorgeous young lady with a dominate personality. But her beautiful face isn’t the reason she’s known. Many people know her for the things that come out of her mouth.

A famous line from the show that Danielle said was “cash me outside.” But if you really listen to what she’s saying, it’s “catch me outside” and not “cash.” I don’t know how society came up with “cash” but this line has been turned into party songs and is now Danielle’s moniker.

Now I don’t really care what the child does with her life, what I do care about is how society is treating her. They have praised a 13-year old girl for being ignorant and disrespectful. Think about it like this, Danielle is either still in middle school or a freshman in high school. Now ask yourself what you were doing in middle school? Nobody’s perfect and I believe Danielle is just exploring who she is as a person. The problem is that she’s pushing the boundaries on how much she can get away with and everyone is letting her. She has no boundaries and people exploiting her for a paycheck.

Danielle is what we call “internet famous.” She does nothing remotely useful to society. Doesn’t seem to have any artistic skills but she has somehow been able to purchase a Porsche, set up a tour (which is postponed), and have a wide fan base. How is it that a adolescent can go on a syndicated television show, be disrespectful, and get praised for it afterwards?


Many people have said that Danielle is acting “black.” First of all, you can’t act a color but I do understand what society means when they refer to her as being “black.” The way she carries herself and the manner in which she speaks is reminiscent to the negative stereotypes that society has attached to Black people. If Danielle is acting black, then she is acting like the numerous caricatures that society has developed.

To be identified as black person, then your skin has to be black. It’s that simple. There is no way a person can act black. I think for Danielle people were so excited about this young lady because she presented herself in a way which many didn’t expect. More importantly, her vernacular is similar to what some identify as African American vernacular. When black people speak in this vernacular it’s seen as disrespectful and unprofessional. But when someone of another race does it, it’s cool, it’s unique, it’s hip.

I don’t want to say that Danielle is stealing or copying black culture, but the fame that she has recognizes her as doing such. She’s famous strictly because society sees her as a White girl acting Black.

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